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Shutterbugs Photography

Shutterbugs Photography

Year of Establishment : 2014-15
Category : Photography Club
Faculty Adviser : Mr. Amol M. Kapse

Major Activities:

  1. Photography workshops,
  2. Photo walks,
  3. Photography exhibits,
  4. Seminars on photography
  5. Other projects within and outside College campus.

Objectives :

  1. To promote the art and craft of photography.
  2. To help people gain knowledge that will further enhance their skills in photography through workshops, photo walks, exhibits, seminars and other projects within and outside College campus.
  3. To open the doors for students & staff of the college to participate in various photography activities in the regional, national and international
  4. To train members to become socially responsible leaders by participating in community development activities.
  5. To promote responsible photo journalism as an informative tool that can help us understand subjects of social relevance, as well as a tool to show nationalism and Indian pride.
  6. To allow people to see through photography what they don’t usually see.
  7. To make the enjoyment of photography accessible to a wider community.
No Activity Period
1. Orientation program for the Club members July 2017
2. Training for the Amateur(Enrolled Students) August 2017
3. Guest Lecture on photography scope september - 2017
4. Training & Hands on for faculty & staff October - November 2017
5. Theme based Competition (College level) February 2017


Training planned

Exposure Triangle & Composition : 

Date : October – November 2017

Level of the Event :   Institute level

Organized by :   Shutter Bugs - Photography Club

Name of the In charge : Mr. Amol M. Kapse

Organized for :   Interested Faculty/Staff of MITAOE, Alandi

Objective :   To promote the art and craft of photography, enhance the photography skills and to train of the participants in operating D SLR camera.

National / international Competitions/events  targeted


Photographs clicked on applying Concept of :
Slow shutter speed, Manual focus & Depth of the image with apperture control by the F.Y.BTech Students (Batch F1, G1 & H1) during the session.



Shutterbugs Photography competition Dated: 15 Feb 2017 Theme: Colours.