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Dr. Rajendra G. Mohite

Dr. Rajendra G. Mohite

Name  : Dr. Rajendra G. Mohite   
Designation:Assistant Professor

  • Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), 2017
  • M.Tech. (Chemical Plant Design), 2009
  • B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), 2007

Overview of Profile: Dr. Rajendra G. Mohite is working as an Assistant Professor in School of Chemical Engineering. His research area includes wet oxidation, advanced oxidation process for wastewater treatment using heterogeneous catalyst. Also, his research interest includes energy analysis of process using simulation software and optimization of process parameters by design of experiment methodology.

Fore Front Area of Research: Water and wastewater treatment
Email id :
Contact no: 02030253500 (Ext: 1177)

Experience (in years) Teaching, Industry and Research: Teaching: 1 year 3 months, Research: 8 months


Awards and Achievements

  • Best Paper Award at International conference on Technologies for Waste Management in Developing Countries, Vignan University, Guntur, India.
  • MHRD scholarship during masters and Ph. D studies.

Other Details

  • Qualified GATE-2008 and GATE–2010 with 80 and 91 percentiles
  • Presented research work at University of Pretoria, Johannesburg, under an Indo-African bilateral project
  • Certifications through MOOC: Water and Wastewater Treatment, Delft University, Netherland, Energy, University of Texas at Austin, USA, Life Cycle Assessment, Northwestern University, USA.

Research / Patents / Publications

Journal Publications

  • Mohite R., Garg A., Performance of heterogeneous catalytic wet oxidation for the removal of phenolic compounds: catalyst characterization and effect of pH, temperature, metal leaching and non- oxidative hydrothermal reaction, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2017,5(1), 468–478.
  • Manjare, S. and Mohite, R., Application life cycle assessment to diammonium phosphate production, Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 354-355, 256-265.

International Conferences

  • Mohite, R. and Garg, A., Catalytic wet oxidation of phenolic compounds at moderate temperature and pressure AIChE Annual Meeting 2014, 16–21 November 2014, Atlanta, USA.
  • Mohite, R. and Garg, A., Catalytic wet oxidation of o-cresol and phenol using copper impregnated activated carbon catalyst, International Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Waste Management in Developing Countries – 2013, 21–23 August 2013, Guntur, India.
  • Mohite, R. and Garg, A., Catalytic wet oxidation phenolics using copper impregnated activated carbon catalyst, International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering, NIT Raipur, 5–6 April 2013, Raipur, India.