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Mr. Sandeep P. Shewale

Mr. Sandeep P. Shewale

Name: Mr. Sandeep P. Shewale
 Designation: Assistant Professor

  • PhD (Tech in Chemical Engg), (pursuing).
  • M. E. (Chemical Engineering), 2009
  • BE (Chemical Engineering), 2006

Overview of Profile:

  • Mr. Sandeep P. Shewale is working as an Assistant Professor in the School of Chemical Engineering. His inter- disciplinary research interests cover advanced separation process and process intensification. He has been actively engaged with the organizations like NCL Pune, ICT Mumbai for research work. He has more interest to interact with well reputed organization, industry personals.

Fore Front Area of Research: Advanced Separation Processes
Email id (College only):
Contact no:  020-30253615 Ext: 1175
Experience (in years) Teaching, Industry and Research: Teaching: 9.5, Research: 0.3 years


Awards and Achievements

  • Received citation award for outstanding achievements in R& D from institute at annual social gathering NAKSHTRA-2013
  • Award for teacher of the department for the 2014-15.
  • Received citation award for fetching grant from institute at annual social gathering NAKSHTRA-2016

Research / Patents / Publications


  • Life Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (LM 69981).
  • Life Member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG No. 107799).
  • Associate Member of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (AM-33842).

Research projects

  • Received research grant of Rs 1.5 lac for the minor project from university of pune in the year 2012-14.



  • Polysulfone Membrane for Concentration Rise of Sugar Juice by Ultrafiltration Process” in Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology (SJET) Sandeep P Shewale*, Supriya Dhume, Ajinkya Dagade and Nitin M Rane, Sch. J. Eng. Tech., 2014; 2(2B):231-235, ISSN 2321-435X (Online).
  • “Polymeric Membrane for Pervaporation”  in International Journal of Biotechnology, Chemical & Environmental Engineering (IJBCEE), Sandeep P Shewale*, Nitin M Rane, Anil Vyas,Smita R Samdani and Kalyan I Patil Vol.1, (2), August 2012 ISSN 2278 – 0696
  • “Recycling Of Pet Bottle By Glycolysis Process” in International Journal of Biotechnology, Chemical & Environmental Engineering (IJBCEE), Smita R Samdani*, Sandeep P Shewale and Nitin M Rane  Vol.1, (1), April 2012ISSN 2278 – 0696
  • “Pervaporation Process for Ethanol-Water Mixture” in International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment Shewale Sandeep P.*, Patil Manesh B., Rane N .M., Garkal D.J., Samdani S R Vol. 1 Issue 2 Oct. 2011,147-152(ISSN 2248-9649).
  • “Extraction, Isolation and Evaluation of Anti-inflammatory Activity of Curcuminoids From Curcuma Longa” in International Journal of Chemical Sciences and Applications M B Patil, S V Taralkar, V S Sapkal, S P Shewale and R S Sapkal Vol2 Issue3 172-174 (2010).
  • “Use of Naturally Available Low Cost Adsorbents For Removal of CR (VI) Contaminated Wastewater” in International Journal of Chemical Sciences and Applications N. M. Rane, Dr. R. S Sapkal,   Dr. V. S. Sapkal, M. B. Patil and S. P. Shewale Vol1 Issue2 65-69 (2010)”.

Book Chapters

  • Book chapter published with Apple Academic press Canada by CRC press, a Taylor and Francis Groups by N M Rane, S P Shewale, A V Kulkarni, Dr R S Sapkal, Removal of Cr (VI) by using sweetlime peel powder in a fixed bed column.
  • Book chapter accepted with Springer publisher by N M Rane, S P Shewale, A V Kulkarni, and Dr R S Sapkal Comparative study for removal of Cr(VI) using sweetlime peel powder and lemon peel powder in a fixed bed column at NIT Suratkal.

International Conferences

  • “Concentration of GA from licorice root extract by Membrane process” in international Conference of sustainable chemistry and Engineering organized by ICT Mumbai at Hotel lalit, Mumbai during 8-9 Oct 2015.
  •  “Application of Nanomaterial technology to coatings” in International Conference International Conference on Nanomaterial and Application (ICNAMA 2008) organized by Shivaji University, Kolhapur during 9th-11th Dec 2008.

National Conferences

  • N M Rane,  S P Shewale, S V Admane, Dr R S Sapkal, Adsorption of hexavalent chromium by using sweetlime and orange peel powder, , national conference Recent Trends In Chemical Engineering & Technology (REACT 2016) at LIT Nagpur.
  •  “Process Intensification for concentration of special compounds from herbal extract by dead end membrane separation process” in national conference on recent trends in chemical engineering and technology organized by LIT Nagpur..
  • “Recovery of Sugar from sugar cane juice by Ultrafiltration” in INNOVATION 2014 organized by university of Pune.
  • “Sugar recovery from sugar cane juice by membrane process” in National Conference on Energy and Environment organized by University pune.
  • “Extraction of Natural ingredients from herbs by novel separation process” in GREENCHEM at JDIET Yavatmal.
  • “Scope of Non-Edible Vegetable Oils” in National Conference   Emerging Trends in Chemical Engineering-Global Scenario (ETCE-08) organized by S.V.N.I.T. Surat.
  • “Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil” in National   Conference Environmental Engineering and Management (NCEEM 2008) organized by T.K.I.E.T, Warananagar.
  • “Membrane Separation Technology” in National level technical paper presentation (INSIGHT 05) organized by Anuradha Engineering College Chikhli.