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Mr. Nikhil Nagnath Holsamudrkar

Mr. Nikhil Nagnath Holsamudrkar

Name  : Mr. Nikhil Nagnath Holsamudrkar
Designation: Assistant Professor            
Qualification: B.E Civil, M.Tech, PhD

  • M. Tech.(Structures), IIT Roorkee 2017
  • B.E. Civil ,Govt. college of engineering, Aurangabad 2015

Overview of Profile:
He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. His research is in the area of Concrete columns reinforced with Fiber reinforced polymer bars. He has submitted his M.Tech thesis entitled ‘Stress-strain relationship of concrete columns confined with FRP ties’

Fore Front Area of Research: Design of concrete structures internally reinforced with FRP bars.
Email id :
Contact no:7620662555 020- Ext:
Experience (in years): Teaching :Nil, Industry: Nil, Research: 10 months


Awards and Achievements:

  • IIT Bombay, Best thesis award in Civil Engineering department.


  • American Geophysical Union


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