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Name of the Student Association
Federation Of Resonant Civil Engineering Students (FORCES)
Dr. Suyogkumar Taralkar
Mr. Sumit Patil
Mr. Mangesh Shinde
Mr. Mateen Sange
Mr. Saurabh Khandelwal
Girls Representative
Ms. Prajakta Patil
List of Members
All Civil Engineering Students

The department of Civil engineering, Under the umbrella of FORCES: Federation of Resonant Civil Engineering Students- a departmental student association, organized an university level event 'SRUJaN: Synchronize, Rejuvenate and Unite Jagged-minds of the Nation' on 23rd and 24th of September, 2016 for undergraduate students of Civil Engineering.

During this event, the competitions in three categories were organized, namely

  • Paper presentation
    Participants will be invited to present state-of-art paper in the field of Township planning, Transportation, Structural Engineering, Material Science.
  • Model making
    Participants will contest to build a best possible model-bridge of given specifications using the provided raw material.
  • Township planning
    Participants will present the innovative utilization of space to build a sector of smart- city and display the solution by preparing eloquent poster at the venue.

For this event, more than 100 students from different college participated very enthusiastically. All winners were awarded with cash prizes, medals and certificates and all participated students received certificate of participation.