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Ms. Alhat Bhagyashree R

Ms. Alhat Bhagyashree R

Name  : Ms. Alhat Bhagyashree R                                                                                   
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B.E., M.E. Computer Engineering

  • M. E. (Computer Engineering), Pune Institute of Technology, Pune, 2011.
  • B.E. (Computer Engineering), P.D.E.A’s College of Engineering, Pune, 2008

Overview of Profile:

  • Ms. Alhat Bhagyashree Ravindra is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Engineering. Her research interests cover Cloud Computing, Pervasive or Ubiquitous Computing, Internet of Things(IoT) , Distributed Systems.
  • Ms. Alhat Bhagyashree Ravindra holds Bachelor of Engineering and Masters of Engineering both in first class.

Fore Front Area of Research: Security in IoT
Email id (College only):
Contact no: college no with Ext : 020 -30253500 Ext : 1135
Experience (in years) Teaching, Industry and Research: Teaching :Teaching :9, Industry :00 , Research : 00 years

Awards and Achievements

  • Teacher of the Department Award

Research / Patents / Publications




  • Ramesh Gadri, Alhat Bhagyashree , “Land Vehicle Tracking System Using Java on Android Platform ” , Computer Engineering and intelligent Systems(IISTE), ISSN 2222-1719 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2863 (Online) Vol 3, No.5, 2012
  • Alhat Bhagyashree , Amar Buchade, “Secure Cloud Storage With Efficient Data Recovery Mechanism”, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches and Advances in Engineering(IJMRAE- Ascent), ISSN 0975-7074, Vol. 7, No. I (January 2015), pp. 105-116
  • Alhat Bhagyashree , Amar Buchade, “Revisiting Secure Cloud Storage by Replacing Token Generation with SHA”, International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Science & Engineering (IJAFRSE), ISSN 2349-4794, Vol.1,Issue 12, (May 2015), pp.14-20