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Club Activities

1. Google Student Club

Year of Establishment: 2015
No.of Members: 42 ( SE- 17  ,TE-15)
Objectives of Club:  

  1. To represent MITAOE at Google.
  2. Prescribe the google products & technology amongst the students

The club aims at conducting events on a larger scale at MITAOE for Google, such as introducing open source at google,, google scholarships,student ambassador program etc.
To bring interest in students hands-on workshops are planned,which will inculcate corporate skills in our students

No. of Participants
Awesome Learning with Kahoot Introduction to kahoot, Multiple choice questions on numerical & verbal ability


2. Mozilla Club

Year of Establishment: 2015:  1st January 2015
Department of Computer Engineering has started College level club called Mozilla Club MITAOE to make students aware regarding the open source.

  1. Promote the Firefox and other open source tools among MIT Academy of Engineering and Pune area.
  2. Introduce with the Mozilla products and give updates about the Mozilla products and events.
  3. Try it's level best to spread the knowledge of the Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Organize workshops, awareness sessions as well as hands-on demonstrations of various FOSS and technologies.

After the completion of club activities, people will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate their ability to implement FOSS and technologies.
  2. Improve public speaking and teaching capabilities.
  3. Extend their network which will help them to get an awesome career opportunity.

List of Activities conducted by Mozilla club:
Introducing the Version Control and Git - A Power Player, Git & GitHubSession, Quality Assurance for Firefox, Firefox: More than a Browser  




HackerRank Club

Year of Establishment: 2016:  1st July 2016

Department of Computer Engineering has started College level club called HackerRank Club MITAOE to make students aware regarding the various Concepts of Programming Languages and Logic Building.
The goal of the club is to put MIT Academy of Engineering in the global map of the programming community with the help of HackerRank.
With the help of passionate problem solvers in MITAOE , HackerRank Club will play a huge role in putting students of our college in the global map of the programming community, help them discover amazing learning opportunities and also find great internships/jobs in the process.

  1. To develop coding habits among students.
    • Built automatic Code Challenges that cut thousands of hours in recruiting.
    • Helped flatten the campus by promoting a meritocracy.
  2. To create the programming enthusiasm for various programming languages.
    • Rank programmers based on their coding skills.
    • Source great programmers.
  3. To create the coding culture among Engineering students.
    • Destination for the best engineers to hone their skills.
    • Companies to find top engineers.

List of Activities conducted by HackerRank Club:
Coding Event Code Challenge – The Aim of the event is to increase Programming knowledge of the students. Event is of two levels with list of programs (user choose language with their Interest).
Total 68 students were participated in the event from various colleges.
HackerRank Ambassador: - Mohit Kumar/ Vaibhav Jagtap