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Mrs. Diptee Chikmurge

Mrs. Diptee Chikmurge

Name  :Ms. Diptee Chikmurge                                                                                                                      
Designation:  Assistant Professor
Qualification:  B.E., M.Tech..

  • M. Tech. (Computer Science), PDACOE Gulberga,VTU Belgum.2011
  • B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering ) , M.B.E.S.COE Ambajogai,2004

Overview of Profile:

  • Ms.Diptee Chikmurge, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer l Engineer She has total 7 years of experience .
  • Ms.Diptee Chikmurge has working in Computer department of engineering since 3.6 years.
  • Area of research is Machne Learning and Intellegence.
  • UG project guided:5
  • She is deparmental incharge for Alumni ,Student Association (FOCUS)
  • Subject taught : Advance Database,Software Architecture Design,Operating System And Administration.

Fore Front Area of Research: Machne Learning and Intellegence.
Email id (College only):
Contact no: 9923640812 College no with Ext : 020-27185857,27186416 Ext. No : 1102
Experience (in years) Teaching, Industry and Research: Teaching : 7 years.

Awards and Achievements

  • Teacher of the Department Award

Research / Patents / Publications



  1. “Continuous Passive Motion Device for Hand Rehabilitation” in IJORAT, Issue 3,2015
  2. “Implementation of Facial Recognition on Android Platform” in  IJRET, vol. 3,2014
  3. “Comparative Study of Face Recognition Techniques”, in IJRET, vol. 5,2014

International Conference

“Implementation of CBIR Using MapReduce Over HADOOP” presented in IJCITB ,2014