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Industry Interactions and MOUs

Industry Interactions and MOUs

Industry Institution Interaction Cell
Industry Institution Interaction Cell (III Cell) has been established in the Computer Engineering Department in 2011 to provide close links with industries. To bridge a gap between the theoretical and practical aspects of the syllabus, corporate interaction is extremely important. The Industry Interaction Cell recognizes this need and addresses it through the regular associations and meeting with corporate and provides industry exposure to the students and enables them to pick up skills besides what is being imparted in the classrooms.
We believe in developing programs which provide solutions to real world problems with a strong desire of forging innovative alliance with industry to achieve synergy. III cell events are organized by the III Cell In-charge of the department along with other faculty members. Industry Interaction Cell works with the following objectives -
Objectives of III Cell

    • To have better interaction between technical institution and industry.
    • To organize or conduct workshop, seminars, add on courses, faculty development programs with joint participation of the faculty and the industry.
    • To sign Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between the institute and various IT industries to bring the two sides strategically closer.

    List of activities conducted by Industry Institute Interaction Cell
    In Collaboration with
    Orientation Program on Assessment and Paper Setting
    Mr. Manish Giri
    10th Mar.2017
    Prof. Arika Kotha
    FDP on Assessment and Paper Setting
    Mrs. Mayura Kulkarni
    15th Mar.2017
    Dr. Vahida Attar COEP Pune
    FDp on Data and File Structures
    Mrs. R.M. Goudar
    6th Mar.2017
    Dr. R. Mohan NIT Trichi
    FDP on NP Complete problem analysis
    Mrs. R.M. Goudar
    23rd Mar.2017
    Dr. Naveen Garg
    Hands on Training on Oracle
    Mrs. R.R. Badre
    12th Mar. 2017
    Oracle, Begalore
    VM Ware Hands on Training
    Mr. Mayur Patil
    25th to 29th Mar. 2017
    ICT Through VMWare Pvt. Ltd.
    Big Data Certification course through ICT and Dell EMC2
    Manish Giri
    19th July.2017
    ICT through Dell EMC2 Pvt. Ltd.
    MoU with Hitachi
    MIT Campus
    6th Apr.2017to 6th Apr.2020
    Hitachi Solutions India
    Visit to Vigyan Ashram
    Manish Giri
    29th July.2017
    Vigyan Ashram, Pabal
    Mou with Vigyan Ashram
    Manish Giri
    11th Sept.2017 to 10th Sept.2020
    Vigyan Ashram, Pabal (Indian Institute of Education)


    Autonomy Visit Report

    Name of Visiting Faculty: 05 members Team of Computer Engg. Dept.

    Name of Visited Institute: Vigyan Ashram, Pabal

    Date: 29th July.2017

    The Department of Computer Engineering has organized a oneday autonomy visit to Vigyan Ashram, Pabal on 29th July.2017. A team of 05 members have visited the campus and discussed various issues and points related to autonomy such as project based learning, Sponsored Projects etc.

    We have reached at Vigyan Ashram on 29th July 2017 at 1.00 PM. First had a meeting with Ms. Supriya Kadam, she has given a Vigyan Ashram Tour and discussed about all projects carried out at Campus. After going through various labs and projects we had a meeting with Mr. Ranajeet Shanbhag, he discussed about the opportunities with Vigyan Ashram and about MoU.

    Vigyan Ashram visit report

Signed MOU

The Industry Institute Interaction Cell (III Cell) of Computer Engineering Department has signed MOU with the following organizations -

Sr. no

Name of Industry




Vigyan Ashram


Clay Systems Pune


LynsysSoft Pvt. Ltd, Pune


QA Mentor Systems, Pune


AANPRT IT Solutions, Pune


VINCA Labs, Pune


Upper Thrust, Pune


Neomorphic Systems Pvt. Ltd, Pune


TornaInformetics, Pune


Stomato Bot, Pune


Technodrive, Pune