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Mr. Amol M Kapse

Mr. Amol M Kapse

Name: Mr. Amol M. Kapse         
Designation: Asst. Professor
Qualification: M.Sc

  • M.Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry), S. P. College Pune, S. P. Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra, India. 2006

Overview of Profile:

  • Mr. Amol M. Kapse is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Sciences. His inter- disciplinary research interests cover adsorption studies of charcoal and electrochemistry.
  • Mr. Amol M. Kapse has registered for Ph.D. in Department of Chemistry, SP Pune University, Maharashtra, India.

Fore Front Area of Research: Adsorption & Electrochemistry
Email id  :
Contact no: 02030253500 Ext: 1059
Experience  : Teaching: 9

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Paper presentation award

Research / Patents / Publications

ISTE- Lifetime membership
Research projects: 1.5 lakhs from BCUD, Univ. Of Pune Co- investigator Completed

International Conferences

“Electrochemical Investigation and Biological Screening of Some Novel Coumarin Derivatives”,  Amol M. Kapse; Pranav Chandrachud; Madhavi Deshmukh; Nirmala R. Deshpande; Nanda S. Haram*, ETIC-2010, January (2010)

National Conferences

“Removal of Malachite Green By Activated Charcoal Prepared from Agricultural Wastes”, Amol M. Kapse & Dr. N. R. Deshpande*, PCM-08 National Conference, January (2008) MAE Alandi (D), Pune-412105. (Second Best Presentation Prize).