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Mr. Manish Khare

Mr. Manish Khare

Name :  Manish Khare
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc(Physics)., CSIR-UGC NET.

  • M.Sc (Physics), Banaras Hindu University, 2004
  • CSIR-UGC NET (Physical Sciences), June 2004

Overview of profile:
Manish Khare is an Assistant Professor in Department of Applied Sciences.
Fore Front Area of Research:  

  • Brain sciences/ Neuro sciences/BBI: Possibility of transferring and using remotely the retinal output signals to (1) improve the understanding of visual pathways in the brain, (2) to understand the role of already stored images in the brain which may lead to understand better the relation between brain and mind and (3) to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from non-congenetical form of blindness due to dysfunctional retina.
  • Nano sciences/Nano biosensors: Application of nano science theory and technology in addressing questions related to vision science. Specifically explore the possibility of replacing dysfunctional retinal cells with adaptive nano particles.
  • Econo physics: Application of relevant tools available in Physics in general, and statistical mechanics in particular, to address research questions like understanding the causes and consequences of income inequalities and disparities in wealth distribution; issues whose orientation is primarily economic in nature.

Email :
Contact no: 020-30253500 (EXT-1213)
Experience : Teaching : 10 years

Awards and Achievements

  • Had been offered (but not availed) the Research Investment Fund (RIF): PhD Studentship award by University of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK, 2014
  • International travel grant by University of Pune, India, for presenting research paper at University of Oxford, UK, September 2013
  • Certificate of Appreciation for active participation in the two-day workshop organized by  the MDPG College, Pratapgarh under the programme ‘Appreciating Physics in Everyday Life- a nationwide campaign to popularize Physics’ catalysed and supported by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Communications and Department of Science & Technology, Government of India ( September-October 2006)
  • Secured highest marks at the Dr. RML Awadh University Examinations for the BSc course for the academic session 1999-2002
  • College topper for three consecutive years of graduation (1999 to 2002) for BSc course at the Dr. RML Awadh University examinations.
  • National Merit Scholarship by the ministry of HRD, Government of India, in recognition of the high position secured in the list of meritorious candidates from the state of Uttar Pradesh for the academic years 1995-96 (Class 10th) and 1997-98 ( Class 12th)
  • Secured highest marks within the Science stream at the HSC Examinations in the Pratapgarh Division of the Uttar Pradesh State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education during the academic session 1997-98

Research / Patents / Publications

Research Projects
Co- PI for the research project titled ‘Analysis of Different Dielectric Properties of Different Materials at Terahertz Frequencies and to Design Optimal T- coupled Overlay Coupler’ funded and sanctioned by BCUD, SPPU, Pune. [Principal Investigator: Dr. Puja Verma]

  • Indian Association of Physics Teachers-Life membership
  • Indian Academy of Physics-Life Membership


  • Co-author of review paper titled ‘Theranostic Implications of Nanotechnology in Multiple Sclerosis: A future Perspective’ published in Autoimmune Diseases, Vol. 2012, doi:10.1155/2012/160830.
  • First author of paper titled ‘Prospect of brain-machine interface in motor disabilities: The future support for Multiple Sclerosis patient to improve quality of life’ published in Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research, May-June 2014, Vol 4, Issue 3, doi:10.4103/2141-9248.133447.
  • Contributory author of edited ebook titled ‘Value of Work in Contemporary Society’(ISBN:9781848883574, pp. 15-24) based on oral presentation of my research paper titled ‘Working of Systems: Governed by Synergy or Anti-synergy?’, presented at the 3rd Annual Global Conference on the subject ‘Value of Work’ at Mansfield College, Oxford, during 1st to 3rd September 2013.
  • Has been invited for a virtual presentation of research paper titled ‘Working of Systems: Governed by Synergy or Anti-synergy?’ at the European Conference on the Social Sciences 2013 held at Brighton Thistle, UK during 4th to 7th July 2013.