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Mrs. Manisha P Pansare

Mrs. Manisha P Pansare

Name: Mrs. Manisha Pradip Pansare
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: B. Sc., M. Sc.

  • M. Sc. (Mathematics), Department of Mathematics, University of Pune, India, 2010.
  • B. Sc. (Mathematics), Fergusson College, Pune, India, 2008.

Overview of Profile:

  • Mrs. Manisha Pansare is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Sciences.

Email id (College only):
Contact no: college no 020-30253500  with Ext: 1207
Experience (in years) Teaching, Industry and Research: Teaching: 4.5

Awards and Achievements

  • Meritorious Educational Award 2003 by Indian Society for Health and Education, New Delhi.
  • Rashtriya Shiksha Ratna Award 2002 by Global Society, New Delhi.
  • Appreciation letter from Executive Director, AnuradhaEngineering College Chikhli for excellence in Teaching, Academic and Research.
  • “Young Outstanding Scholar of 21st Century”- Listed in the dictionary of International Biographical Research Academy (UK).
  • Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of excellent contribution and great team work towards making the UGC Committee Inspection visit a success, MAEER MIT World Peace Society, Pune, India.

Research / Patents / Publications

Research Projects:

Sl. No.

Dr. S. M. Khairnar

Funding Agencies

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Principal Investigator


UOP/ 14/2007-08/ dt.10.01.2008




Principal Investigator

DST, Govt. of India

SR/S4/MS:544/08 dt.25.05.2009




Principal Investigator


BCUD/OSD/184 dt.11.05.2009




Principal Investigator


2/4895)/2009-R&D II/428 dt.11.06.2009




Co- Principal Investigator

UGC New Delhi

47-992 / 09 WRO / dt.22.9.2009




Principal Investigator

UGC New Delhi

47-1046 / 14 WRO / dt. 22.02.2016


On going

  • Administrative Experience @MITAOE
  • Vice Principal, MIT Academy of Engineering Alandi-412105, Pune (01.10.2008 to 15.06.2009).
  • Dean (R&D), MIT Academy of Engineering  Alandi-412105, Pune ( Since 19 October 2007 till date).
  • Head: Department of Applied Sciences, MIT Academy of Engineering Alandi-412105, Pune, (Since 30 September 2005 till date).

Coordinator: NBA, NAAC, Academic Autonomy etc. (Institute Level). 

Member of Learned Bodies:                  

  • Research group in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications, Victoria University,    Australia.
  • IASTED technical committee, University of Calgary, Canada.
  • Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi.
  • Indian Science Congress Association, Calcutta.
  • Indian Academy of Mathematics, Indore.
  • Mathematical Society, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.
  • The Ramanujan Institute of Advanced Mathematics, Chennai.
  • Indian Mathematical Society, Banglore.
  • The Mathematics Education.
  • National Academy of Sciences, New Delhi.
  • International Journal of Engineering Research and Industrial Applications
  • International Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Aapplications
  • International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Advances in Engineering              

RESEARCH: Description of Mathematical interest:

My research is a program of applying geometric methods, especially techniques from geometric function theory, to investigate problems in Univalent and Multivalent function theory. Of particular interest to me is the analysis of various classes of mappings defined with normalized conditions and on the unit disk E, as well as geometrical aspects of Univalent and Multivalent function theory, involving properties of harmonic starlike and convex function. I am also interested in the connection between inequalities and subclasses of univalent and multivalent functions and their geometrical implications. Our interest is also to study of image enhancement and segmentation by Vedic algorithms. We are investigating some innovative methods for enhancing image by developing and implementing different algorithms and also by various integral transforms techniques and graph partitioning methods.