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Activities & Achievements

Activities & Achievements


  • Activity under MATHEMATICS CLUB

Poster Presentation on Engineering Applications of Mathematics
A poster presentation on the general theme of ‘Applications of Mathematics in Engineering’ was organized on 15.09.2015, where 70 students participated with their 35 posters displaying the wide array of engineering applications of mathematics in real life and ancient as well as latest sciences. The displayed posters addressed applications ranging from topics as diverse as ‘Fourier Transforms’ and ‘Complex numbers’ to ‘Brain Mapping’ as well.
Principal Sir joined the evaluators to observe the displayed posters and hence awarding the winners with Prizes and certificates. All participants were awarded with participation certificates as well. The success and wide participation of the students encourages the organizers to continue holding these competitions under Mathematics Club with consecutive years as well.

  • Photography Training Program (Workshop)
    A Photography Training Program (Workshop) was organized by the Department of Engineering Sciences under the Shutter Bugs – Photography Club on 8th October 2015 at D-010 Class Room (New Building). Total eighteen participants had enrolled their names for the said training program as the number was restricted to two from each department for hands-on experience of the DSLR camera. The presentation and training was given by Mr. Amol M. Kapse, Co-ordinator of the Shutter Bugs Photography Club. During the event the un-boxing of the new camera “Canon EOS 700D” was done and the various parts/accessories were introduced to all the participants. The participants were given hands-on training for Canon EOS 700D and a few snaps were clicked by the participants using various camera settings as explained during the training program.
    Photography Competition
    The above mentioned activity was organized by the Department of Applied Sciences under the Shutter Bugs – Photography Club during 9th-13th February, 2016. The participants were supposed to give the softcopies of the photographs which they have clicked during the period of the events falling under NAKSHATRA-2016. Around 280 photographs were received for the competition out of which a few photographs has been selected on the basis of good photography angle & resolution, which will be subsequently published in the MITAOE college magazine ‘Ajaan-Vriksha-16’, under the title ‘Shutter Bugs-Photography Club Competition’.

    Major Activiites