MITAOE Academy of Engineering

Club Activities

Shutter Bugs Photography club

 It should be the endeavor of every academic institution to create an environment on its campus that will facilitate all-round development of its students. This process should not be limited to requirement of the formal learning process and should encompass other extra-curricular activities that will provide a platform for students to exhibit their talents outside the classroom. The proposed photography club is a step in this direction. The club will give students and faculties of the institution an opportunity to show their skills in the area of photography. The club will seek to make the club a vibrant platform by organizing the following activities:

  • Photography exhibitions on various themes
  • Photography competitions
  • Will invite experts to share inputs on how students can further sharpen their photography skills
  • Organize sessions on providing information to students about career opportunities in the area of photography

The aims and objectives:

  • To promote the art and craft of photography.
  • To help people gain knowledge that will further enhance their skills in photography through workshops, photo walks, exhibits, seminars and other projects within and outside College campus.
  • To open the doors for students & staff of the college to participate in various photography activities in the regional, national and international.
  • To train members to become socially responsible leaders by participating in community development activities.
  • To promote responsible photo journalism as an informative tool that can help us understand subjects of social relevance, as well as a tool to show nationalism and Indian pride.
  • To allow people to see through photography what they do not usually see.
  • To make the enjoyment of photography accessible to a wider community.

Einstein Mathematics Club

Mathematics and the Mathematical Sciences are rich subjects and they also possess extensive range of applications in many other fields such as: Engineering and Industry, Medical Sciences, Ecology, Management, Economics and Finance, Military Applications, and many others. It is almost impossible to conceive of a quantitative discipline in which mathematics do not play a fundamental role.

 There is no doubt that mathematicians, past present and future, will continue to wield tremendous influence on futures of the societies due to its indispensability in the innovation of any new technology. Our main aim is to build an engineer with a strong knowledge base in engineering applications. We are looking for promoting the scientific cooperation between the mathematicians, physicist and engineers by doing multidisciplinary research.

Objectives of the club:

The primary objective of initiating the Mathematics Club is to provide a platform for students to raise their queries and share their inputs on questions of mathematical origin and significance that lie outside the purview of the present academic syllabus. It would enable students and faculties to engage in constructive discussions on intriguing mathematical formulations in a continuous arrangement. It may also, at a later stage attempt to derive hitherto unknown inferences that will allow us to add to our knowledge base. This will also go a long way in orienting students to the importance of mathematics and shaping an inquisitive outlook among them.  

The club will seek to achieve these objectives by organizing the following activities: 

  • Guest lectures and interactive sessions with eminent scientists.
  • Regular informal discussions with students and in-house faculties
  • Will invite papers from students and faculties on engineering applications.
  • Mathematics quiz.
  • Poster presentations.
  • Exhibition and Science Contest.
  • Discussion on Open Problems.