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Club Activities

Club Activities

Robotic Club :
Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture and application of robots. The concept and creation of autonomously operating machines dates back a long time, but credible research into the functionality and potential uses of robots did not grow substantially until the 20th century. And today, robotics is a rapidly growing field, as we continue to research, design and build new robots that serve various practical purposes including domestic, commercial and military.
Objective :

Strives to stimulate interest in robotics among the students of the institute. Cultivate young students  to work on developing technologies from an industrial perspective. To encourage students to participate in various programmes and activities and broaden their horizon and experiences, which is important for their all round development To train students who have the passion to excel in building and programming miniature robots to take part in National and international competitions. Besides making an attempt to spread knowledge on Robotics and its different applications, it also stands by the subtle acronym of TEAM - 'Together Everyone Acomplishes More'.

I. PCB and Robotic Workshop :

            Under this robotic club as a first step , institute level 4-days workshop on “PCB designing and Robotics” was conducted on 4, 5, 11 and 12 September 2015 in association with IEI by ‘Robotics club’ for SE & TE students from all branches. In this, Students are exposed to PCB designing using eagle software, etching, drilling, soldering . On 11th and 12th Of September , students have studied about various sensor, basics of robotics, Embedded-C programming. Assembling of Robot, programming for line follower, Obstacle avoider robot etc. was done by the students. Finally, workshop is folloewd by line follower competition which was very exciting for students as every group tried different logic for task and used concepts studied in that 4 days.

Winners of the competition was awarded by Trophy and Winning certificates.

Result of competition :
Winner: Utkarsh Jadhav,  Arjun Lahane , Akshaykumar , Aditya
Runner up: Rameel Khan, Abhay Bhujbal

II. LABView trainning :

            As a second step , we have organised three days trainnning on LABView and MyRio which are used as in many Natioanl and International universities for research and development work now a days and also used in World Skill International Competition from  29th to 31st DEC 2015. We have invited Mr. Kamal Prasad Balaji from PSG COE , Coimbutore .He was a National Winner in the skill of Mobile Robotic Competition for India Skills 2015 hels in Delhi and represented India in the same skill for WSI 2015 at Sau Paulo , Brazil. He has taken students to new platform , LABView , a graphical programming language. He has started with a very basic programms and increases complexity as session proceeds. Also students has learnt from him how different sensors and motors can be interfaced with MyRio controller and how you can run programs in LABView.





Yoga and Meditation Club:  The purpose of the institute or the education is encouraging the students to focus on what they want to learn, to broaden the horizons and cultivate the new understandings. The vision of the institute is to train the students to engage with the worlds as people who know their purpose and have the power of fulfill it. In yoga this purpose is called DHARMA. The yoga and meditation club is a tool to engage with this dharma.

Areas Covered: Yoga, meditation, Sudarshan Kriya

  1. To improve the ability of concentration, focus on study.
  2. To reduce the stress, bring the emotional wellness.
  3. To  give students a sense of balance and  mental clarity

After successful participation in the club, the student will be able to

  1. Concentrate, focusing on studying and   ignoring distractions and result in better grades.
  2. Avoid stress, induced eating and it helps them study better and give a sense of balance and  mental clarity.


  1. Faculty,Technical Assistants and Lab Assistants
  2. Students: Any discipline( interested in Electronics)

Activities: Workshops, Guest Lectures
Activities Conducted:

  • Guest lecture on ‘Youth Leadership’.
  • Workshop on ‘Happiness program’ by  Art of Living
  • Guest lecture on  ‘Mind Power Techniques Training’.
  • Global Youth Employability Initiative’ by Barclay’s and AOL.