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Global information systems are posing great challenges for research in Information Technology. Heads of Department members in the department are active in conducting research at the forefront of their specialties. Many under graduate students in the department are provided with the opportunity to conduct research under Heads of Department guidance as part of their degree program. Research is currently being carried out in the fields of Computer Networking, System Software, Signal & Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, NN & Fuzzy systems, Data Mining & Data Warehousing, Compilers, etc. Students are involved in leading-edge research and development efforts, with interaction from high-technology corporations.

Forefront Areas Of Research

Research Objective
  • To produce under graduates who will be able to design and develop the next generation computing systems.
  • To get knowledge of contemporary issues related to the software / hardware engineering industry to students
  • To contribute to understanding the foundations of Information Technology, and finding practical solutions for, known and emerging research problems.
R & D Activity
Dept. of Information Technology has initiated R & D activity by starting research projects in various domains
  • Computer Networking
  • System Software’s
  • Signal & Image Processing
  • Artificial Intelligence, NN & Fuzzy systems
  • Data Mining & Data Warehousing
  • Compilers

S. M. Bhagat published patent "System for Diagnosis of Blood Sugar Index to Ailment the Impacts of Attacks on Body Organs" in July 2017 and Patent ID is 201621000884

Sl. No.
Name of Faculty
Forefront Area
Date of Registration
Year of Completion
Prof. Sunilkumar M Bhagat
Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Jayashree A Patil
Cloud Computing
Mr. Shrikant Salve
Human Computer Interaction
July 2011
Sl. No.
Name of Author
Title of Paper
Detail of Publication
Prof. S.M. Bhagat, Mr. S.C. Shiravale Outcome based Education: Key Practices towards Excellence
Mrs. J. B. Kulkarni Unique User Identification across Multiple Social Networks
S C Shiravale, S M Bhagat, P r Shriram Flood Alert System by using Weather Forecasting Data & Wireless Sensor Networks
S.M. Bhagat Study and Analysis of Routing Protocol s in V2I Communication using WiMAX on VANET
2014 - 2015
S.M. Bhagat AODV in 802.11p and 802.16 based VANETS
S. G. Mandlik Efficient Two Server Authentication and Verification using ECC
P. P. Chaudhary Review of Soft Computing Methods used in data Analysis
S.M. Bhagat Study of VANET routing protocols for End to End Delay
S.M. Bhagat, S.C. Shiravale Wireless sensor networks in agriculture sector implementation and security measures
S. G. Mandlik Secure mutual authentication protocol
A.S. Choudhary /S.S. Mhamane Study of usability of Indian websites
S.S. Mhamane / A.S. Choudhary A comparative study of various frameworks for community detection in dynamic social network
P. P. Chaudhary Natural language statement to SQL query translator
S.M. Bhagat Study of effect of velocity on end to end delay in V2V Communication
B. C. Bhokse Devnagari  Handwriting Recognition System using  DTW Algorithm
B. C. Bhokse Deriving Best Practices from Development   Methodology Base (Part 1)
B. C. Bhokse Deriving Best Practices from Development Methodology Base (Part 2)
S. C. Shiravale IP V6 secure tunneling mechanism
S. C. Shiravale IP Version 6 Secure communication process
S. P. Nakhate Secure Mutual Authentication protocol
S.C. Shiravale Secure Communication Process between two Versions of Internet Protocols
J A Patil Survey-Secure Routing Protocols of MANET
A. P. Choudhary Information Hiding in Video using CDCS & Adaptive Encoding
S.S. Mhamane Internet Banking Fraud Detection using HMM
A.S. Choudhary CIDT: Detection of Malicious Code Injection Attacks on Web Applications
S.M. Bhagat Study of V2V Communication for city Environment
S.M. Bhagat V2R Communication in ITS
A. S. Sonawane Information Hiding and Recovery using Reversible Embedding
C.H. Nemade A Phrase Detection Algorithm for Clustering
B.S. Thakare New Approach for Model Merging and Model Transformation
S.M. Bhagat/B.C. Bhokse Adaptive Image Contrast Enhancement  for Medical Images
P.P. Chaudhari Evaluating XPath  Expression on Light Weight bit cube
J.A. Patil Backbone Routing Load Balancing in MANET
B.C. Bhokse Devnagari Handwritting Recognition System

Faculty Research Projects

Year 2010-16

Sl. No.
Name of Principal Investigator
Name of Co-Invesitigator
Title of Project
Abstract of the project
Funding agency 
Amount sanctioned
Year of grant sanctioned
Duration of Project
Status of the Project
Year 2013-2014
1 Mrs.Jayashree A Patil Prof.S.M.Bhagat On Demand Load Balancing and Distribution Routing Protocol in Mobile Adhoc Networks Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a resource constrained randomly deployed network, in which almost all the nodes are battery constrained. Data communication in such a network is possible along multiple hops, nodes that are in communication range of each other nodes to relay the packets. Generally, wireless ad hoc networks are deployed in emergent and can communicate directly, while the nodes that are spatially disjoint uses other intermediate temporary situations such as accidents or public gatherings. In Mobile ad hoc networks are routing protocols are vital for the proper functioning of ad hoc networks. In the present routing protocols, data is transmitted after choosing shortest path without any consideration of any particular node's traffic which raises the problem of delay of transmission and unbalanced energy consumption. We propose new routing metric which selects the lightest loaded path with the largest residual energy for data routing all of the time, thus improve the packet delivery rate and lower the average delay. A comprehensive simulation study has to be conducted to evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme. BCUD-RPS UOP 50000 2014-2016 2 Yeass Ongoing
2 Mrs.Pranali P Chaudhari Mr.Amit S Sonawane Optimization of Hadoop Map Reduce on Clouds Data Analytics is becoming increasingly prominent in a variety of application areas ranging from extracting business intelligence to processing scientific data. Also the peoples are more interested in performing their data analytics tasks in the cloud environment due to the heavy resources and cost required for the analysis. Map Reduce framework has proved to be an effective solution to such data intensive analytics jobs due to its parallel processing capability. As cloud platform is based on pay-as-you-go model, end user has to pay for all resources involved in execution even though resource are not fully utilized. If Map reduce application is not well organized then it might affect the overall execution cost.  In this proposal we are going to provide an optimized solution for organizing the map reduce in such way that end users has to pay minimum cost while obtaining the best performance. BCUD-RPS UOP 40000 2014-2016 2 Yeass Ongoing
3 Mr.Amit S Sonawane Mrs.Pranali P Chaudhari StegFS: A File System that withstand against Plausible deniability Attack
 Users of some systems are at risk of being compelled to disclose their keys or other private data, and this risk could be mitigated if access control mechanisms supported an element of plausible deniability. However, existing plausible deniability mechanisms, such as the one-time pad, are of rather limited scope. The steganographic file system is a storage mechanism designed to give the user a very high level of protection against being compelled to disclose its contents. It will deliver a file to any user who knows its name and password; but an attacker who does not possess this information and cannot guess it, can gain no information about whether the file is present, even given complete access to all the hardware and software.
BCUD-RPS UOP 32000 2014-2016 2 Years Ongoing
Year 2012-2013
1 Prof.S.M.Bhagat Mrs.Jayashree A Patil Development of VANET Routing Protocol for ITS Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is a network of vehicles (wireless mobile nodes) which is formed when vehicles came in to range. In VANET, topology is not fixed, it changes periodically. Since there is a change in the topology due to high speed of vehicles, unpredictable behavior of driver, hidden node problems, VANET becomes the interesting domain for the researchers to provide safety to general public on road.The work throws light on study and analysis of routing protocols AODV and New routing algorithm in V2I for various parameters like packet delivery ratio, throughput, end to end delay, Data packet loss and Energy consumption. Simulation for highway scenario was performed for 12 vehicles and 4 base stations with variable velocity in QualNet Simulator and WiMAX (8012.16) was used for the VANET infrastructure. BCUD-RPS UOP 1,40,000/- 2013-2015 2 Years Ongoing
3 Mr.Amit S Sonawane Mrs.Asha P Choudhary A file System that Securely Hides Data and its Retreival using Reversible Data Embedding Techniques The advances of the internet and World Wide Web have brought a great innovation to data management technologies. Data is no longer stored locally and processed centrally. On the contrary, data is shared in various forms over the internet. It is distributed among remote storages and processed by remote processors. Thus, researchers begin to explore new methods to manage the huge amount of data shared over the internet, in order to use them more efficiently and safely. Security is increasingly recognized as a key impediment of the emerging data management technologies, especially when data is shared over the internet and thus exposed to higher risks. Many research projects are in progress addressing various problems on data security, such as remote data access control, copyright protection, privacy protection and trust management.  BCUD-RPS UOP NA NA 2 Years Submitted

Student Research Projects