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The department established Federation for Academic and Cultural Excellence (FACE-IT) in 2007 to provide students a common platform where they can excel in curricular as well as extracurricular activities.

FACE-IT Objectives:

  • To provide a platform for overall development of the students.
  • To organize Industrial visit in renowned IT industry and Expert Talks by eminent personalities to bridge the gap between industry and academics.
  • To spread awareness about the latest developments/emerging technologies by arranging technical workshops, seminars, SDP etc.
  • To arrange technical and non-technical events like group discussion, aptitude test, programming contest etc. for preparing students to face competitive world.
  • To conduct various social activities towards the society contribution.

FACE –IT Outcomes:

  • Develop their communication and soft skills and
  • Gain knowledge and experience about the working culture in industry and latest technologies employed by the industries.
  • Learn latest and emerging technologies and used them effectively in their later professional life.
  • Succeed in various competitive exams and placement. 
  • Understand their contribution towards society as an engineer.

Structure of FACE – IT Council:

The Council is formed by election procedure. The structure of the council is as follows:


Head of the Department

Faculty Advisor



From B.E.

Treasurer cum Secretary

From T.E.

Girls Representative

From: B.E. and T.E.

Executive Members

From: B.E., T.E., and S.E.

Role and Responsibilities of FACE – IT  Body:

  1. Election is the criteria for selection. Head of the department is the chairman and he appoints Faculty Advisor after discussing this in the department meeting. Rest of the positions is filled in after conducting elections.  The department issues notice regarding elections and interested candidates from the respective class nominate themselves. The election took place and the people who fetch more votes are appointed on the respective positions.
  2. The president is elected form the final year engineering and he is responsible for smooth conduction of various events. The President is the bridging gap between Faculty Advisor and the students and his responsibilities are as follows:
    • The president need to ensure that all the events are successfully conducted and he communicate all the proceeding to the Faculty Advisor
    • He should discuss the issues of the students with the Faculty Advisor as well as chairman.
  3. Treasurer cum Secretary is also an elected member and he is responsible to support the President. The Treasurer cum Secretary is from Third Year engineering and his responsibilities are as follows:
    • He needs to get in touch with the president and faculty advisor. He should prepare minutes of the meeting, maintains the proper documentation of each event and plan the whole event.
    • Should assist the faculty advisor in taking approvals from the concern body.
    •  He needs to ensure that correct funds are utilized for right activity and he should update all the transactions to the faculty Advisor
  4. There are two girls’ representatives selected from BE and TE and their roles are as follows:
    • One representative is selected from BE and TE and they need to discuss all the proceedings with the girl students.
    • The representative should assign roles to girls and need to ensure that the activity is smoothly carried out.
    • The representative should discuss the issues of the girl students with the Faculty Advisor.
  5. The Executive members are the support members of the council and they will help the governing body in all the activities.
  6. The procedure to organize an event under the banner of FACE-IT is as follows:
    • The proposed event should be discussed in the council and the roles of each member are defined.  The supporting members are allotted to every team.
    • After discussion, the approval from chairman and principal along with budget is taken.
    • Every member of the council should get in touch with each other and they need to brief the council about the development.
    • The members need to get in communication the guests called for any event and ensure that the event is conducted smoothly.
The Treasurer cum Secretary should update the Faculty Advisor about expenditure and brief the council about the balance sheet.


Faculty Advisor:

Mr. S.S Mhamane, Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi (D), Pune

FACE – IT Executive Body (2015-16):

Sr. No.


Name of Person



Prof. S. M. Bhagat


Faculty Advisor

Mr. S.S Mhamane



Mr. Vishal Thube (BE)


Treasurer cum Secretary

Mr. Sudarshan Mehta (TE)


Girls Representative

Ms. Pranjali Deshmukh (BE)
Ms. Namrata Kashid (TE)
Ms. Mandolkar Rutuja (TE)


Executive Members

Mr. N.D Nirmal (BE)
Mr. Kasar Gaurav(TE)
Mr. Prakhar Raj (SE)
Mr. Prashant Rathod(BE)



Technical & Non-technical Event

Organized by

Department of Information Technology, MIT AOE Alandi




Study and sports are two linked components of our learning process and will always be important for an individual. A healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body. It is rightly said that a healthy nation can be built if most of the citizens are physically and mentally fit. The mental pressure and tensions arising out of the fast paced modern life can only be released on playground. XCEED is a national event organized by FACE-IT once in a year in which students from various colleges of come and perform at the same platform. It is an event where students from FE to BE get the platform to show their co - curricular and extracurricular skills to win various prices. Various events like Outdoor/indoor games, Music, Management Quiz, IT games etc. are organized for 2 days and each event has a Heads of Department coordinator who looks after the smooth functioning of the event and to be transparent among the students from other colleges.


Main Idea behind the Event The main idea behind this event is:
• To inculcate moral values and ethics and channelize their young mind and energy towards constructive development and nation building
• To reach out Indian Youth and to encourage them to participate in Management Games.
• To promote national integration and team building through sports.
• To identify and promote talent of students in various sports.
• To enhances sports management skills in students.  

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