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Club Activities


M E S A, MIT AOE, Alandi

Welcome to the official website of the MIT AOE, Alandi’s, Mechanical Engineering. Student's Association (MESA). Here you'll find the best source of information on the wide variety of academic, professional and social activities hosted by MESA throughout the year.

Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association (MESA) is an organization which comprises of students of Mechanical Engineering Program. The aim of the organization is to motivate the students to organize, to coordinate & to participate in Co-curricular Activities and Extra – Curricular Activities along with their regular Academic Activities. Such Activities helps the students to be more competitive in the era of Globalization.

Objectives of MESA:
The objective of MESA is to promote an environment for the interaction between Mechanical Engineering students and with other relevant parties. MESA shall engage in activities related to social, academic, and professional interests. MESA will be the undergraduate students group of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The MESA has a responsibility to provide the following to its member:

  1. To organize academic activities with the intention of improving the knowledge and experience of members in the diverse areas of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. To organize recreational and social activities amongst the member in order to foster comradeship and allow the exchange of ideas in an informal atmosphere.
  3. To represent the interest of Mechanical Engineering students before the Department and to the College.
  4. To promote friendship and co-operation among members.
  5. To provide a communication link between the members and the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

MESA consists of a faculty executive council and a student council. The faculty executive council is made up of at four officers.

Executive President : Dr. Y.J.Bhalerao
Executive Vice-President : Prof. P. R. Hatte
Executive Secretary : Prof. E. S. Ugale

The student council shall consist of at least seven (7) members among Students side as listed below.

President : Mr. Nitin Dumbre BE Mechanical
Vice-President : Mr. Vrushabh Naik TE Mechanical
Treasurer : Mr. Rohan Kate BE Mechanical
Secretary : Mr. Anil Gore TE Mechanical
Joint Secretary : Mr. Vanshal Manvar SE Mechanical
Joint Treasurer : Mr. Soham Kemse SE Mechanical
Girl’s Representative : Ms. Payal Aher BE Mechanical


Activities carried by MESA

Sr. No.
Name of the Activity
Participated by
Students, staff and faculties
Donation to Anandgram And Chikhali Orphanage Home
15/08/2016 & 26/01/2017
Students, staff and faculties
Teachers day celebration
Students, staff and faculties
23/09/2016 & 24/09/2016
Students, staff and faculties
13/02/2017 & 14/02/2017
Students, staff and faculties
BE Farewell
Students, staff and faculties

AutoSports Club

Faculty Advisor: Mr.B.R.Patil

Every aspiring engineer arrives with a long list of things to do while entering the campus, to build a car someday, is something which features a lot of such wish lists. These events, help them to change those dreams into reality.

BAJA SAE India and Enduro Student India (ESI) are the competitions wherein a team of dedicated and hardworking engineers design and manufacture an All Terrain Vehicle. The vehicle is then tested over various technical and non technical grounds at the main event.

Team NIYUDRATH is the college team participating in SAE BAJA (A National Level ATV Design Competition).The team has been participating in this event since 2012. SAE BAJA is a national event hosted by SAE INDIA, Mahindra and Mahindra for undergraduate engineering students where they design and fabricate an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV).

The hard work and dedication of TEAM NIYUDRATH is lauded as they prepare for another successful season with more zeal and confidence.


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