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Mr. G K Marthande

Mr. G K Marthande

Name: Mr. G K Marthande

  • M. Tech. (A/CV (Mechanical Engg), Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune India, 2015.
  • B.Tech ( Mechanical Engg) National Institute of Technology Warangal India

Overview of Profile:

  • Mr G K Marthande is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His research interests cover Finite element analysis Heat Transfer and Numerical Stress analysis of composite structures

Fore Front Area of Research: Stress Analysis, Composites
Email id:
Experience (in years) Teaching : 1.5 , Industry :3
Contact no: 7507507694

Research / Patents / Publications


A. National Conferences

  • “Evaluation of 3D Stress Concentration Factors in Rectangular Plates with Circular Holes” MIT College of engineering, Pune “Two day National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering Techniques (AMET)-2015