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Mr. K. P. Mishra

Mr. K. P. Mishra

Name: Kundan Mishra
Designation:  Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E (Mechanical Design)
Overview of Profile:

  • Kundan Mishra is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. His area of interest- Composite materials and Active vibration reduction. 
  • Kundan Mishra- M.E from COE, Pandharpur.

Fore Front Area of Research: Composite materials and Active vibration reduction.
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Experience: Teaching: 08, Industry: 02                  

Awards and Achievements

  • Topper of the Batch- Secured First Rank in the Batch at Government Polytechnic Osmanabad. In 2000-2001

Research / Patents / Publications


  • The India Society for Technical Education - Life member LM 79324


  • Kundan Mishra, Dr. P.M Pawar , K.M Markad , Modeling of smart composite box beams for induced flap lag & twist, Aug 2012/ volume-2/issue-8/article no-12/825-832.
  • Dr. P.M.Pawar , K.M.Markad ,Kundan Mishra, Validation of the thin-walled composite box beams using FEM, July-August 2012, Volume 1, Issue 3, PP 45-49.

 National Conferences

  • Kundan Mishra, O.L Mahajan , Experimental analysis of grease contamination in vibration signatures of ball bearings, Jan 2015, P-48.