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Forefront Research Areas

Forefront Research Areas

Department Research Areas

Chemical Engineering
a. Energy and Environment
b. Process Engineering & Design
c. Process Modeling & Simulation
d. Reaction Engineering& Separation Processes

Civil Engineering
a. Water Resources & Climate Change
b. Structures
c. Project Management
d. Highway Engineering

Computer Engineering
a. Computer Networks
b. Systems
c. Machine Intelligence and Applications
d. Data Mining and Warehousing

Electronics Engineering
a. Power Electronics Technology
b. Signal Processing
c. VLSI and Embedded Systems
d. Mechatronics

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
a. WiCom – Wired & Wireless Communication
b. SIP – Signal & Image Processing
c. EmSys – Embedded Systems & VLSIM
d. SysCon – Systems & Control

Information Technology
a. Internet of Things
b. Database Systems
c. Security
d. Algorithms
e. Business Intelligence

Mechanical Engineering
a. Automobile Engineering
b. Power Plant Engineering
c. Computer Aided Engineering
d. Automation

Humanities and Professional Development
a. English Language Teaching
b. Communication Studies
c. Soft Skills
d. Psychology