Robocons – the Robot Contests – an activity sponsored by Asia–Pacific Broadcasting Union headquarted in Kuala Lumpur Malysia and supported by Japanese Public Broadcaster the NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) is aimed at enhancing creativity, technical capability, friendship and exchange of information within countries and overseas in the region. These are international educational events for University and Polytechnic students organised under a common set of theme and rules, set every year. Robots are designed and manufactured by the participating institutions according to their own ingenuity and resources. The first international Robocon was held in 2002 in Tokyo, Japan where Doordarshan and Nirma Institute Ahmedabad, selected by IIT Kanpur had participated. Since then India’s participation in National International contests has been continuously maintained and significant amount of work has been done for future also. MIT Academy of Engineering having been partnered with the Doordarshan of India has made a significant contribution to the growth of Indian participation in this event from a mere 5 teams in 2004 to 110 teams in 2018. They conducted two international contest in 2008 and in 2014 in Pune. It was also decided that the next contest to be held in India in 2020 would be also be co-hosted by Doordarshan and MITAOE at Balewadi Stadium. However, Doordarshan has decided to shift this event from Pune to New Delhi after 2018.

International Relations Office

Ever since the establishment of MITAOE at Alandi (D) Pune in 1999, its Executive Director, Dr Sunil Karad, an eminent Scientific researcher himself, has been striving to secure maximum international Collaborations for the MIT Group of Institutions. An Internations Relations Office was created with following details:

  1. Vision: To bring all faculty and Students of MITAOE to global top level of Knowledge in Technology and Entrepreneurship.
  2. Mission: To share knowledge with top level national and International educational and Industrial organizations through Students & Faculty Exchanges, Faculty Development Programmes and Joint Research Projects.
  3. Objectives:
    1. Make use of all opportunities offered by International Organizations at Pune by faculty attending the seminars, and sharing the inputs to College Development Committee.
    2. Arrange Students Summer Courses in Overseas Institutions regarding Minor Courses, out of their disciplines, or on credit sharing basis with their own disciplines through Agreements of Cooperation.
    3. Expose Post Graduate Course towards International levels of Technology and entrepreneurship
    4. Arrange joint research Projects and Faculty Exchanges between MITAOE and Intuitions overseas.

MITAOE, Alandi (D) has secured Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with the following:

  1. University of Akron, USA, since Oct 2016
  2. University of Dayton, USA, since Jan 2017
  3. Boston University, USA for Summer Courses since July 2018
  4. University of Aberdeen, School of Engineering, Scotland, UK since Oct 2018

MITAOE has had had the following distinguished speakers from Overseas:

  1. David W. Lovell PhD, Professor in International and Political Studies and the Associate Dean (International) at University of New South Wales, Canberra on 21st Aug 2018 spoke to First Year B Tech students on the topic ‘Engineering as Problem Solving Profession’ and discussed with Deans on prospects of academic collaboration between our institutions.
  2. Dr Ashok Joshi, from Salt Lake City, USA spoke to Third Year B Tech (Electrical Engineering) on 26th Sept 2018 on Sodium Ion Batteries as large scale Storage Resources.
  3. Dr Niranjan Humbad, from Sloan’s MIT, USA spoke to Mech /engineering Students on 1st Oct 2018 on his three decades of research work on Sound proofing in highe end automobiles (Nissan cars).
  4. Prof Anupama Haldankar from SKYF, USA on 1st Oct 2018 spoke to Third Year BTech Students on Project Management.
  5. Dr Igor Guz, Dr Ana Ivanovic and Dr Prashant Jadhawar from School of Engineering, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK visited MITAOE for Faculty interaction on 8th Oct 2018.