Mrs. Chetana Nemade

Mrs. Chetana Nemade

Name: Mrs. Chetana H. Nemade
Designation: Assistant Professor

  • M. E. (Information Technology), MITCOE, Pune, India, 2011.
  • B. E. (Computer Science and Engineering), SSGMCE, Shegaon, India, 2001.

Overview of Profile:

Mrs. Chetana H.Nemade is an Assistant Professor in the school of computer engineering and Technology.

Fore Front Area of Research: Database and BI.
Email id:
Contact no : 020 3025 3500          Ext:1051
Experience : Teaching:12 years

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Teacher of the Department Award

Research / Patents / Publications

Memberships: CSI Membership


Document Clustering Using Suffix Tree”, Volume 1,Issue 12,December 2014,ISSN 2348-4853.

International Conferences

Phrase detection document clustering”

National Conferences

Document clustering Based on Similarity using phrases”