Dr. Rushikesh P. Borse

NAME : Dr. Rushikesh P. Borse
DESIGNATION : Associate Professor

  • Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering) from Vision and Image Processing Lab, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB), Mumbai, India, September 2014.
  • ME. (Electronics), Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune, India, June 2006.
  • BE. (E&TC), J T Mahajan College of Engineering, NMU, Jalgoan, India, 2002.


Dr. Rushikesh P Borse is working as Associate Professor in School of Electrical Engineering. His area of interest is in signal and Image processing and he worked on issues related to capacity analysis in reversible watermarking as a part of his PhD work. He has published more than 10 papers in various journals and international conferences.He has worked as reviewer for IEEE/Springer/Elsevier papers. He also conducts intensive sessions on MATLAB and LATEX softwares. He has total teaching experience of around 15+ years and presently working as Associate Professor in School of Electrical Engineering, MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune.

Apart from the technical aspects, he also conducts sessions on ‘Science and Spirituality’ and is a member of VOICE Pune.

FORE FRONT AREA OF RESEARCH : Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning
EMAIL ID : rpborse@mitaoe.ac.in
CONTACT NO : 020-30253600 Extn: 1229
EXPERIENCE : Teaching 16 years

Awards and Achievements

  • Completed Bhakti Shastri Course from ISKCON Pune, 2014


International Conference on Data Processing SP Pune University 2017-18 3,00,000
STTP On: Applications of Computer Vision and Machine Learning SP Pune University 2015-16 (Nov 2015) 02,00,000
STTP On: Wavelets and Its Applications in Signal and Image Processing SP Pune University 2014-15 (Oct 2014) 01,00,000


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  • Rushikesh Borse and Supriya Londhe, Emotion recognition based on various physiological signals: A review, Accepted for publication in ICTACT Journal of Communication Technology, Sept 2018.(IET Inspec Indexed)
  • Rushikesh Borse and Chiranjit Roy, An Effective Approach on CBVR Based on High Level Semantics, CIIT Journal of Digital Image Processing, Vol 10, No 4, April 2018, pp 61-67.


  • Sonal Sharma and Rushikesh Borse, Automatic Agriculture Spraying Robot with Smart Decision Making, Springer Conference at Jaipur, Sept 2016, Published as Book Chapter in Springer ASIC Series Book, Sept 2016. (Scopus Indexed)


  • Rushikesh Borse and Subhasis Chaudhuri, Computation of Embedding capacity in Reversible Watermarking Schemes, ACM’s ICVGIP-10, IIT Chennai, 12-15 Dec 2010
  • Rushikesh Borse and Prerna Markad, Competitive Analysis of Existing Image Quality Assessment Methods, IEEE International Conference - ICACCI 2014, held during 24-27 Sept 2014, Delhi, India.
  • Abhishek Deshmukh, Nikita Dalvi, Sudip Dhumal, Rushikesh Borse, Real-time Reticle Insertion and Region of Interest Selection for Surveillance system, Accepted for publication in IEEE Int Conference ICCUBEA, to be held at PCCOE, Pune, Aug 2018.
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