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MITAOE offers several scholarships, fee waiver schemes, teaching and research assistance to meritorious and deserving students.


Anti Ragging

Ragging in any form is banned inside and outside the campus. Strict action is taken against persons flouting this rule; no leniency is shown. Suspension and/or withdrawal from the hostel/ college is the first action against the offender.

Safety & Security

The safety of students, Heads of Department and visitors is important to us. MITAOE is a semi-urban campus, and basic security measures must be observed to personal safety.


All students are covered with Medicare which entitles them general hospitalization including drugs (excluding diet) and outpatient benefits (excluding drugs, materials, etc).

First Year


2nd and 3rd year students of BE(E&TC) are advised to login in Feekart and pay Tuition, CDC (Career Development Center) and Books fee online.


In order to foster the student's extracurricular skills and provide them a platform to show case their creativity and arts, MIT Academy of engineering organizes the cultural and social gathering NAKSHATRA. Various cultural and sports activities like dance, singing, drama etc. are held during NAKSHATRA. This event encourages students to explore their talent creative skills and gives them an opportunity to improve their stage presence and confidence. Such wide exposure to the student's creative skills significantly contributes to their holistic development.