E-cell News and Events


24 December 2019
This session was a open mic event, where innovators in campus were free to pitch in their ideas and ventures in front of the audience.


16 November 2019
The Session Started with the introduction of the guest by the faculty members and followed by an introduction to a real venture after the practice venture. Along with certain information about the venture. Mr. Ankit Machhar: He conveyed, Venture management is a business management discipline that focuses on being both innovative and challenging in the realm of introducing what could be a completely new product or entering a promising newly emerging market.


19 November 2019
Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind: inventions literary and artistic works; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. Intellectual property is divided into two categories. In other words it’s a category of property that includes the intangible creations of humans.
A guest session was held to spread the awareness and remove the misconceptions in people’s mind regarding IPR such as copyrights, patents, trademarks and geographical indications. The prime speakers for the day were Mr. Abhay Daptardar, Mr. Parvez Kudrolli and Mr. Kumar Anshu.


19 October 2019
A movie session was held which was open for all the enthusiastic students of MITAOE. The main motive of this session was to penetrate the business strategies into the minds of the audience through a movie based on real-life incidences and the unknown story behind one of the biggest food chains of the world “MC Donald’s”.


A writing workshop was conducted by Ajanvriksha club in collaboration with E-Cell club with a vision to develop different writing skills and imagination of students. The Workshop began with Ms. Hrijul Shende’s brief introduction of the college magazine 2020 named “Ad Astra Per Áspera”.Later a brainstorming session was held related to Technical writing by Mr. Avinash Kumar which was followed by a presentation on creative writing skill development by Ms.Satyata Dhargawe. Various tips with illustrations were mentioned in these sessions which were quite helpful for the audience.


15 October 2019
It was our former President and renowned Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam’s birthday and we had all gathered to celebrate this auspicious day. Brought up in a mediocre family, Dr. Kalam’s principles were inherited from his parents. He had an exceptional interest in Mathematics and hence joined the Aeronautical Department. He was later transferred to ISRO and in June 2002, he was declared the 11th former President of India by NDA. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and many more.


26 September 2019
A Guest lecture was held by Entrepreneurship Cell, MITAOE to spread awareness and explain the pros and cons of choosing entrepreneurship and innovation as a career option. Two main speakers of the day were Mr. Khawale Santosh Devidas and Mr. Ashish Mutha.


21 September 2019
A virtual auction of IPL cricket players was conducted for all the members of Entrepreneurship Cell, MIT-AOE. The game had a vision of intellectual development of the participants regarding right investment and perfect budget and profit planning. Groups of 5 people each were made and each group was given limited time to decide and plan their teams. A competitive heat increased exponentially as the game continued.


14 September 2019
‘Idea Box’ – A brainstorming activity was conducted for all the members of Entrepreneurship Cell, MIT-AOE. The main objective was to propose a crazy start-up idea and present it in front of the judges. The main motto of conducting this event was to help the participants in exploring their creativity through ideation and presentation. There were no boundaries whatsoever and any idea regardless of its feasibility was accepted.