Mr. Rudragouda Patil

NAME : Ms. Kale Shubhangi Prabhakar                                                                            
DESIGNATION :  Assistant Professor

  • M. E. (Computer Science and Engineering), MIT,  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, 2014
  • B.E. (Computer Engineering),NDMVPCOE,  University of Pune, 2005.

Ms. Shubhangi Kale is working as Assistant Professor in School of Computer Engineering And Technology of MIT Academy of Engineering, Alandi. She has completed her M.E. in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT, BAMU in 2014 and B.E. in Computer Engineering from NDMVP, University of Pune in 2005. Her research interest area is Database and Data Mining. She taught various subjects such as Database Management Systems, Principles of Compiler Designs, Advanced Databases, Business Intelligence and Data Mining, Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
FORE FRONT AREA OF RESEARCH : Database and Data Mining

EXPERIENCE : Teaching : 10.5

  • Participated in the National Conference on “Emerging Optimization Techniques in IT” held in 2010 at Oxford College of Engineering, sponsored by VTU.
  •  Presented a paper on “BROADBAND OVER POWERLINE” in inter branch paper presentation contest held at Bijapur.



  • Published paper “Dynamic Webpage Segmentation Implemented Using Hybrid Approach on Proxy  Server” in International Journal of Advance Foundation and Research in Computer (IJAFRC) Volume 2, Special Issue (NCRTIT 2015), January 2015. ISSN 2348 – 4853
  • Published paper “Block Level Web Searching Using Webpage Segmentation Algorithms on Mobile Devices” in International Journal of Futuristic Machine Intelligence & Application (IJFMIA) Vol. 1 Issue2, ISSN2395-308x (5 Point)
  • Published paper on “Monitoring PCs using Android’ in International Journal of Scientific  & Engineering  Research, Volume 4, Issue 4, April-2013, ISSN 2229-5518

National Conferences

Presented paper in National Conference on Inter Disciplinary Research on Recent Trends in Information Technology and Computer Engineering on Dynamic Webpage Segmentation Implemented using Hybrid Approach on Proxy Server

Papers accepted for publication

Accepted Paper in June 2012 in International Journal of Computer Applications for  Title: Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval using Web Structure Mining