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MIT Academy of Engineering (MITAOE) Alandi and NPTEL IIT Madras are jointly organizing NPTEL awareness workshop on 29 November 2018 at Alandi Devachi. We extend this warm invitation to the Director, Principal, Vice Principal, the Heads of Departments, and senior faculty members. You are kindly requested to give wide publicity among your faculty members and depute your faculty for participating in this workshop.

Workshop will cover functionalities of NPTEL, benefits, new advances, online certification courses, certification exam, passing criteria, its evaluation. It will also covers what is Local Chapter. Who can become Local Chapter. How to become a Local Chapter.

Who can attend :
Director/Principals/HODs/Senior faculty members from Engineering, Science and Management Institute (Max of 3 faculty from each institution) who have situated 100-125 km distance from the host institute.

No registration fee for the workshop.

Resource Person :
Eminent personalities from IIT Madras

Travel Allowance (TA) & Workshop Kit would be provided to all the participants as per NPTEL IIT Madras rules and regulations. Participation certificate will be given to all the participants.

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NOTE: Without travel tickets, reimbursement will not be done. Please ensure to enclose travel ticket along with TA form for all participants and delegates while reimbursing.

Travel Reimbursement Rules:

  1. Travel fare will be reimbursed only with the submission of tickets. This is mandatory.
  2. Original onward train ticket/ bus ticket/ Taxi fare ticket and photocopy of return ticket should be provided for travel reimbursement.
  3. Travel allowance for all participants will be reimbursed towards the end of the workshop.
  4. Only round trip fare from the participant’s institution to your institution will be reimbursed. Maximum permissible distance (one way) for reimbursement is 100km (unless prior approval is sought from the concerned IIT/IISc).
  5. It is advisable to hire one cab or taxi for all the participants (max. 3 participants) for same college/institute.

Bus travel:
For local participants, bus fare from/to city will be reimbursed

Using personal car:
Participants traveling by their own car should remit a copy of their RC book and should declare the distance travelled. They will be paid Rs 12/km.

Using Travel Cab:
The original bill as charged by the travel services should be submitted for reimbursement.

Travel by Train :
For those traveling by train, the reimbursement will be equivalent to the II A/C train fares from the participant’s city to the city of the host institute.

Local Conveyance :
Local conveyance (railway/bus station to venue of workshop) will be reimbursed only on production of taxi/auto receipt.

Please Note: For one-day/half-day workshops, we do not reimburse participants for accommodation.