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The Chemical engineering department has core laboratories for heat transfer, mass transfer, process dynamics & control and mechanical operations. The experiments are critically selected so as to cover the entire gamut of chemical engineering principles. These experiments demonstrate the principles and gives feel of the parametric sensitivity of various parameters e.g. Modular distillation columns with facilities to change the operating conditions, computerized cascade control systems etc. Besides syllabus, students are taught the latest software languages and are allowed to work on latest software design tools like HYSYS, MATLAB, TK Solver, MathCAD, and Hyperchem etc. A dedicated Internet facility is made available round the clock.

Chemical Engineering Design Laboratory

Lab Incharge: Mr. Sandeep P. Shewale
Lab Assistant: Mr. Avdhut Magdum
Laboratory Location: B 002
Total Investment of laboratory: 11,14,000.49/-

The Chemical Engineering Design Lab is used for conduction of practical session for principles of design, chemical engineering design as well as some of final year plant layout subject. Labs having modern designing softwares like Auto CAD for the same. Some of them are as follows

Drawing board
Personal Computer

Some of the experiments performed in this particular lab. are:

  • Heat exchanger control by Feedback & Feed forward Controller
  • Heat exchanger control by Cascade Controller

Students of BE Chemical Engineering make use of this lab. to study the various control methods in the processes.

Lab Incharge Name: Ms. A. Gode

Lab Assistant Name: Mr. Shailesh N. Bhokare

Laboratory Location : B004

Total Investment of Laboratory: 7,41,363/-

This laboratory is associated with second year chemical engineering. Laboratory consists of all the required equipments for providing better understanding of fluid flow and heat transfer fundamental concepts to students. Some of them are as follows

List of Equipments : Some of the major equipments of this laboratory are …

  • Venturimeter, Orificemeter and Rotameter test rig
  • Bernoullis apparatus
  • Major and minor apparatus
  • Centrifugal test rig
  • Discharge over notches
  • Forced convection apparatus
  • Heat transfer in agitated vessel
  • Filmwise and dropwise condensation apparatus

Lab Incharge Name: Mr. Sudhir S. Gandhi

Lab Assistant Name: Mr. Mahesh S. Walunjkar

Laboratory Location : B005

Total Investment of Laboratory: 7,04,665/-

This Laboratory is a part of Second year Chemical Engineering curriculum. It is covering various unit operation involving solids. Laboratory is equipped with Solid -solid separation, Fluid - solid separation, Size reduction and mixing equipments. There are few working demo models. Some of equipments are listed below

  • Jaw Crusher
  • Variable Speed Ball Mill
  • Cyclone Separator
  • Sieve Shaker
  • Froth Flotation Cell
  • Terminal Settling velocity
  • Batch Sedimentation
  • Plate and frame filter press
  • Leaf filter
  • Power consumption in agitated vessel
  • Trommel
  • Screw Conveyor (Working Model)
  • Sigma Mixer (Working Model)

This lab. Serves the purpose of Study of coefficient of mass transfer in various operations, namely, cooling towers, humidification operations, liquid air system etc. Particularly the Third Year Chemical Engineering practical are conducted in this lab.

To study the various set ups in this particular lab, the equipment used are humidifier and dehumidifier column, Liquid-Liquid extractor, crystallizers, packed distillation column etc. The Final Year Chemical Engineering students study the subject of Mass Transfer II in the first semester.

Lab Incharge Name: Mr. Vinod D. Pakhale

Lab Assistant Name: Mr. Mahesh Walunjakr

Laboratory Location : B 006 (C)

Total Investment of Laboratory: 4,47,410/-

School of Chemical Engineering at MITAoE,Alandi has well equipped materials laboratory For supporting this course the laboratory consists of Advanced instruments such as microscope equipped with digital camera along with computer for taking the photographs of Microstrucure samples.Various tests of sample specimen such as Hardness testing, Impact strength determination can be done by Rockwell, Brinell, Izod & Charpy Test equipment respectively.Ultrasonic Flaw detector is also available in the laboratory for flaw detection.To carry out various heat treatment processes Muffle furnace is also available in the laboratory. Ultrasonic bath is available for doing ultra sound treatment of materials.Some of them are as follows

  • Impact Testing machine
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
  • Dye Penetartion Test Kit
  • Trinacular Microscope with computer assembly & digital camera
  • Microstructures of metals & their alloys
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Ultrasonic Bath

Lab Incharge Name: Ms. Rupali R. Sonolikar

Lab Assistant Name: Mr. Prasanna R. Kulkarni

Laboratory Location : A008

Total Investment of Laboratory: 35,45,408.53/-

The software such as Aspen Engineering Suite which includes Aspen Plus, HYSYS; MATLAB, MATCAD, TK Solver, Polymath, C++ etc are available in this Laboratory which is used by the students for various Chemical Engineering Modeling and Simulation Projects, Industry sponsored consultancy assignments and also in the subjects such Process Modeling and Simulation, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering (CAChE I and II), Chemical Engineering Mathematics, Chemical Plant Engineering, Process Design of Equipment, Reaction Engineering, etc.

  • Laptop
  • Personal Computer
  • Laser Printer
  • CD Writer
  • Hysis 3/0
  • Switch 48 Ports
  • USB- Hard Disk
  • Scanner
  • Web Camera
  • LG DVD Writer
  • Sharp LCD Projector
  • Camera
  • 3 Com 8 port switch
  • LG-DLP Projector (Data USB CableCable Ceiling Mounting Kit)
  • Smart Board Device-"Eye RIS Micro3110"
  • Projector Screen (Wall Mounting)
  • Hyperchem Professional Rel.7.0
  • TK Solver 5.0
  • Aspen One Engg V 7.2
  • Aspen One Engg V 8.2
  • LCD Projector
  • Aspen one Engg. V 8.8.2

This is the basic lab. Meant for the students of FE and SE Chemical Engineering. The subjects studied are:

  • Applied Chemistry
  • Organic and Inorganic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry

Lab Incharge Name: Dr. Parag N. Sutar

Lab Assistant Name: Mr. Prasanna R. Kulkarni

Laboratory Location : A006 (A)

Total Investment of Laboratory:5,38,096/-

This laboratory is an associated with the course “Chemical Reaction Engineering”. This laboratory provides an opportunity for the students to actually conduct experiments relating to various reaction-engineering operations. This laboratory contains state of the art equipments. Some of them are as follows

  • Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR)
  • Plug Flow Reactor (Straight tube type)
  • Isothermal CSTR
  • RTD studies in CSTR
  • RTD studies in PFR
  • Combined Flow Reactor
  • Air Compressor
  • Recycle Bed Reactor
  • Cascade CSTR

Lab Incharge Name: Mrs. Shraddha S. Shende

Lab Assistant Name: Mr. Prasanna R. Kulkarni

Laboratory Location : A006 (B)

Total Investment of Laboratory:12,35,661.86/-

This laboratory is associated with various analytical apparatus. This laboratory provides an opportunity for the students to analyze the various samples by using different sophisticated instruments. Some of them are as follows

List of Equipments
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Ultrasonication bath
  • pH meter
  • Ultra filtration set up
  • Conductivity meter with TDS apparatus