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Mrs. M. H.Chavaan

Mrs. M. H.Chavaan

Name  : Mrs. M. H.Chavaan
Designation: Assistant Professor

  • ME (Digital Systems), University of Pune, Pune.

Overview of Profile:
Mrs. Mrunalini Chavaan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics Engineering. Her inter- disciplinary research interests cover Video Processing, Computer network. The focus is on applications in industry, networking and other diverse domains.
Fore Front Area of Research: Video Processing
Email id :
Contact no 020-30253600 Ext. - 1238
Experience  : Teaching: 12 years

Research / Patents / Publications


  • International Journal of Engineering Research& Technology Modified Macroblock Mode Decision Method for H.264/AVC International Journal Of Engineering Research& Technology Volume 2, Issue 7, July 2013 ISSN 2278-0181
  • Signal Image Technology & Applied Communication Systems Improvement in Coding Performance Of H.264/AVC Using Macroblock Mode Decision in National conference held on 19th & 20th Dec 2013 at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune-38
  • National Conference On Emerging Trends In Engineering Technology, Implementation And Optimization Of Motion Estimation For H.264/AVC Encoder On DSP,March 2010,Bambhori, Jalgaon.