Computer Engineering
Dr. S. A. Jain, Dr. Vijay T Raisinghani, Dr. Pritam Gajkumar Shah An apparatus and method for routing information in Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) Indian 201721034256 Published
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
Shubhangi M. Mahamuni Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Network International - Published
Aniket K. Kemalkar Method for Blur Detection and Correction for Images International - Published
Vinayak B. Kulkarni FPGA based fluid flow rate optical sensors for low radius pipes and capillaries Indian - Initiated
Information Technology
Shubhangi Mahamuni Efficient Technique for Spectrum Hand-off Delay Minimization Indian - Completed
Information Technology
Prof. S.M. Bhagat System For Diagnosis Of Blood Sugar Index (Bsi) To Eliminate Effects Of Ailments On Body Organs Indian 201621000884 Published
Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Yogesh Bhalerao, Mr.Saurabh Dev, Ms. MayaCharde System for measuring temperature of work piece in machining operation Indian 3021/mum/2015 (28/04/2017) Published
Ms. Maya Charde, Dr. Yogesh Bhalerao, Mr. Namdeo, Rashinkar Temperature measurement technique for combined face and shoulder grinding operation Indian 201721017212 Published
Dr.Y.J.Bhalerao, Mr. P.R.Hatte Fuel Blender for use in gasoline engine Indian 201721008392 Published
Mr. A.M. Malge Unique and Innovative apparataus with Manual driven system and method for carrying water. Indian 22323 Registered
Mr.Saurabh Deo An apparataus with Unique method system for easy fastening and removal of screws. Indian 22322 Registered